Research & Creation

Innovation is part of Terra’s identity: we celebrate it, we cultivate it, we facilitate it.

At the same time, we know that the past may hold clues to solutions we’ll need to thrive in the future. The culture sector is an incubator and testing field for innovative ideas to address the most complex challenges we face. Therefore, holding the space and offering the possibility for research and creation across the culture sector is one of Terrafoundation’s most important functions. 

An interdisciplinary approach will overcome the compartmentalisations of the past century, and accelerate holistic change toward greater good. Terra brings together the visual and performing arts, design, architecture, literature, film, video, gastronomy, economics, sociology, philosophy, biology and the “hard sciences,” among other disciplines. 

Our project-specific, issue-oriented sessions and panels will involve professionals whose lives are dedicated to the collective good: policymakers, public servants, urban planners, journalists, activists, and advocates from our local community and from abroad. 


Humans | Nature

Exploring and celebrating the relationship between humans and the rest of the natural world, from animals and plants to all of the elements and forces that shape our habitats and our lives, to overcome the anthropocentric illusions of specialness and separateness.

Humans | Humans

Reconsidering borders, identity, individualism, social cohesion, intergenerational relationships, human rights, peace and freedom, to overcome the illusions of hierarchy and difference.

New Technologies | Crafts and Heritage

Integrating emergent twenty-first-century knowledge and technologies with ancestral, artisanal traditions and heritage, using our present moment to build a strong and safe bridge between past and future.

Urban Context | Rural Context

Linking the specialised experiences and contributions of urban populations to those of rural populations, honouring each, with an eye toward the enrichment of both.

Terra Creative

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