Terrafoundation is a collaborative cultural platform working to balance the relationships amongst humans, and between humanity and planet Earth.

It is driven by the conviction that living culture is the path to deep and lasting transformation for the collective good.

In the face of increasingly urgent concerns about the effects of climate change, which include social injustice and economic disparity, Terrafoundation sees culture - the fourth pillar of sustainability - as a central tool in the work of redesigning radical new solutions for a dynamic social, economic, cultural and environmental ecosystem.

Our perspective is based on ecology. We are curious about the relationships between living organisms - humans and otherwise - and their environments, and we are committed to understanding and protecting the vital connections among us all.

Rooted in Portugal, Terrafoundation is a catalyst for change without borders.


Our mission is to help re-integrate our species with the rest of the planet, and reconnect us to one another in the process. We do this by seeking deeper insights into the mechanics of thriving ecosystems, growing awareness about ethical and responsible use of Earth’s resources, and exploring paths toward more just and egalitarian societies.

The tools we use to work toward these goals are those of culture, embracing an expansive web of interconnected creators and researchers to launch a year-round programme of activities and initiatives.

We propose that:

· economic growth, social inclusion, environmental balance and culture are interrelated branches of human experience and activity, inextricable from one another in any viable vision of sustainable development;

· the culture sector provides an incubator, playground, and testing field for innovative ideas to address the most complex economic, social and environmental challenges we face;

· an inherently multidisciplinary approach - bringing together culture, design, science, economics, sociology and philosophy, among other disciplines - will overcome the compartmentalisation of the past century, and accelerate holistic change toward the greater good.


Terra's community are people, companies and institutions who share similar values, common concerns and a true capacity to contribute actively toward a more just, ethical, and sustainable society.  ‍

Their support helps us care for and grow our cultural research projects and our educational service, share the benefits of creativity, and champion the right to culture for everyone.

Collective Founders
Atlantic Founders

Rice Founders

JNcQUOI Comporta

Sublime Hotels

Founding Partners

AMAG Publisher


Câmara Municipal de Grândola

Centre Européen de Musique


Junta de Freguesia do Carvalhal

Le Dimore del Quartetto

Studio Frith



Quinta da Boa Esperança

Quinta do Cardo

Creative Alliance

Support Alliance

Vieira de Almeida
Grupo Your
Studio Frith
Diller, Scofidio & Renfro
Space Caviar

Atlantic Patrons

Costa Terra



Thea Westreich Wagner

Board Members

Richard Schlagman
Arjun Appadurai
António Grassi
José António Pinto Ribeiro
Nicoletta Fiorucci

Strategic Council

Advisory Council

Joseph Grima
Hans Ulrich Obrist
Vicente Todoli
Fusun Eczacibasi
Hervè Chandés
Adriano Pedrosa
Jorge Chaminé
Francesca Moncada
Carlos Urroz
Stefano Boeri
Claire Hsu
James Lingwood

Founding Committee

Esmeralda Swartz
Renate Graff
Vanessa Arelle
Rita Sáaraga Leal
Catarina Pereira Coutinho
Maria Mendes
Brooke Waterhouse
Marie Charlotte Guichet

Diplomacy Committee

José Bouza Serrano
Domingos Fezas Vital
Randi Levine
Carlo Formosa

Sustainability Committee

Luisa Schmidt
João Pedro Matos Fernandes

Education Committee

Pedro Santa Clara
Pedro Oliveira Guilherme

Founders Council





Co-Founder and Artistic Director
Guta Moura Guedes

Co-Founder and CEO
João José Raimundo

Head of Production, Research and Development
Joana Morais

Senior Producer
Mariana Ferreira

Production Assistant
Francisca Aires Mateus

Joanna Hecker

Communication Assistant
Santiago Simões

Graphic Design
Nuno Luz, Santiago Caiado

Financial Assistant
Madalena Madeira

Assistant to the Board
Merícia Camacho

Public Relations
Alex Sousa

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