Terrafoundation is a catalyst for change without borders, but first we are rooted in Portugal. Our actions are context-driven and place-sensitive. Everything we do depends upon the integrity of our relationships in the web of our own ecosystems.  

Allow us to show you around our first neighborhood, the Comporta area.


This bioregion includes 60 kilometres of coastline, constituting the second-longest stretch of sand beaches in Europe. In some spots these beaches are framed by towering sea cliffs; elsewhere, they nestle into extensive networks of marshes or dunes. Just beyond, broad swaths of forest prominently feature pine trees, cork trees, and eucalyptus. This neighbourhood includes the Sado Estuary Natural Reserve, home to more than 200 distinct species of birds, and the Botanical Reserve of the Tróia Dunes, both recognised for their unique and invaluable biodiversity, as well as a National Ecological Reserve and a National Agricultural Reserve. 

Within the Sado Estuary, from the end of the Arrábida mountain range to the plains of the Alentejo, sea meets land in several dramatic ways. Rivermouth, marshlands, low-tide sandbanks, fallow salt pools, beaches, sea cliffs, and coastal dunes are all distinctive habitats for different populations of fish, birds, amphibians, cetaceans, land-mammals, and marine and terrestrial plants. 

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