Chico a.k.a. xtinto

Chico a.k.a. xtinto

Francisco Santos was born into the world of music in 2015 as "xtinto," in a project called "Odisseia." Since then, he has never stopped creating. He released several singles which he eventually combined into two EPs, "ventre" and "unfinished,"  both released in 2019 under the now-defunct label Think Music.  

In several interviews, he mentions that the pandemic was a fertile time in his life. During this period of time he participated in projects by some important names in the Portuguese music scene, including Stereossauro and benji price. In 2020 he achieved his first gold single with the song "Éden," created in that collaboration with benji price. The song is part of his first full-length album, "Latência," which was released in February 2023.

xtinto is recognized by many as one of the masters of Portuguese wordplay, with his unusual puns and songs that thrive on writing. This mastery secures his position among the most promising names of the new generation of musicians.

Chico did the Comporta Weather Station Residency #2 and co-composed and co-produced one of its reports, Terra:Aura.

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